Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

Best PVN Service

VPN is a perfect way to save your Internet privacy and  stay anonymous online with hide your real IP address. VPN Connection is a secured tunnel inside the usual network that allows to work all the application including instant messengers (AIM, ICQ, MSN….etc) and mail without any additional settings. We offer VPN Accounts with PPTP […]
You can hide your real IP address to play poker at online casino and  download torrents without any traffic shaping. Unblocked access to VoIP, Skype, USA game servers, unblocked US and Canadian TV channels outside these countries.
·         Very easy to set up on your computers and mobile devices. Customer support via email is stellar.
·         UK VPN
·         USA VPN
·         German VPN: 
Secure anonymous VPN in central Europe
·         SSTP: New VPN for Windows Vista & 7 (UK, CA, DE)
·         Dedicated IP: For VOIP hardware devices (SIP phones) and gaming
·         OpenVPN: Extra security. For when everything else fails (UK)